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Technical Press review May 2015

Technical Press review

Technical Press review

Dear followers,
This press review focus on Devoxx France 2015 feedbacks. Devoxx France is a set of conferences for developers which took place in Paris during 3 days in April 2015.
You will find also a new Cloud part which focus on new Cloud tooling and companies strategies.
A new part also on Architecture and Design which provide articles on API, micro-services, Java containers, Open Sources…
There are a lot of new articles on Build tools, mainly on Gradle.
The Java section mention also the end of Java 7 support by Oracle and the announcement on Java 9.

I hope you will find here some interesting information on your current investigations. Most of them are in English, but some are in French.
Don’t hesitate to comment these informations if you think they could be useful for our current challenges.

Feedback from Devoxx France 2015

Architecture and Design

Web development

Build tools




Sonar and continuous inspection

Build and Continuous Integration



Mobile development



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