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Technical Press review July 2015

Technical Press review

Technical Press review

Dear followers,
here is the 6th press review of Jamkey, which is mainly press review around Continuous Integration, development and DevOps tooling.

As you know, Continuous Integration is not only a way to build automatically, but also a path to development industrialisation.
That’s why you will find here news on tools (like JHipster), architecture (API design) but also methods and processes (like DevOps).

This press review focus on development tools, and cloud with the Spring Boot 1.3 release and powerful integration with devtools and Docker and CoreOS unite to start the Open Container Project and standardize runtime, image format.

Geneva SonarQube Conference will take place the 23 & 24 of Spetember.

Facebook Infer bring open source static analysis to mobile Objective-C and JS developments.

Interesting article on the « Release Manager » role, which is often the invisible hero of development projects.

Google is setting up a GitHub rival : Google Cloud Source Repositories
Still lot of news on Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus. And also articles around Micro-Services and Cloud.

I hope you will find here some interesting information on your current investigations. Most of them are in English, but some are in French.

Don’t hesitate to comment these informations if you think they could be useful for our current challenges.

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