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Technical Press review January 2016

Technical Press review

Technical Press review

Dear followers, here is my 10th « Technical News » which is mainly press review around Continuous Integration, development and DevOps tooling.

As you know, Continuous Integration is not only a way to build automatically, but also a path to development industrialisation.
That’s why you will find here news on Web development, build tools, architecture (API design) but also methods and processes (like DevOps).

A focus on Gitlab project, which deliver new versions almost every 3 days!

AngularJS v2 beta is out, with a lot of improvements. It is still possible to give feedback to the team through GitHub.

Android Studio v2 preview is out with improvements on the emulator.

I hope you will find here some interesting information on your current investigations. Most of them are in English, but some are in French.
Don’t hesitate to comment these informations if you think they could be useful for our current challenges.


The Gitlab project deliver almost every 3 days a new version.
And a new version is set of various distributions : CE and EE version, Linux EL6 and EL7…
Here they explain how they deliver and how they manage their roadmap.


Google is preparing the delivery of AngularJS v2 which bring lot of features.
The beta version available allow to test it.


Google has delivered a preview of the Android Studio v2.
Lots of performance improvements and a more useful Android Emulator.


The build links are mainly on Gradle which become more and more the main build tool for Java development.


How to setup a continuous delivery pipelin in Jenkins.





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