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IBM Bluemix and Docker Webinar

IBM Bluemix and Docker Webinar


Short presentation from IBM Emmanuel Vregille 


  1. Concepts of Docker
  2. BlueMix features
  3. Demonstrations of Docker & BlueMix

Summary of IBM Bluemix and Docker WebInar


An open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins.
Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating-system-level virtualization on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. https://www.docker.com/

Docker is a huge success. 68% of CTO and CIO are preparing a Docker study for 2016.

Docker allows : applications independent and portable, optimize resources, faster deployments, adapt to micro-services


Bluemix :

  • deploy and optimize Docker container on Bare Metal
  • bring Management of : images, containers, DockerHubs and DockerEngine

IBM has a partnership with Docker since june 2014

Bluemix provides :

  • a development Hub + development tools
  • a Service catalog to optimize resources
  • deployment / scalability features / Logging / Monitoring
  • as beta features : containers security scans

Bluemix offers 3 main profiles:

  • IAAS with OpenStack => manage VM
  • PAAS with CloudFoundry => cloud applications
  • Docker container => Bare Metal Docker container management

Also a catalog of services is available (for example to get a database).
Local or Public Hub management

API and services oriented.

The JazzHub service manage development forge and release mechanism:
Build Image => Deploy and link to services => Test


The Demo consists of :

  • building locally a container image of a todolist application
  • deploying the container on the BlueMix Hub
  • Creating MongoDB service from service catalog of BlueMix to manage a bind
  • Use JazzHub to manage the container deployment
  • Run the BlueMix container bind to the MongoDB service
    See Youtube link below to see the demo

Important points

  • IBM changes its strategy and communication and follows the path of all the main actors by using Docker containers: Google Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, RedHat OpenShift, Heroku
  • IBM embrace with Bluemix and Docker the container architecture with cloud and micro-services
  • Bluemix use mainly OpenSources software inside (OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker)
  • By adding the Jazz Hub to the global picture, they bring a development forge AND a release management system (The catalog of BlueMix provide also Delivery Pipeline mechanism)
  • BlueMix can hold other technologies than Java, even for backend

What can we foresee by these choices ?

  • Micro-services
  • API backend (not only Java: Node…)
  • Applications standardized in a DevOps way with Docker


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