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Devoxx France 2015 return of experience

devoxx 2015

Devoxx France 2015 return of experience

Devoxx France 2015 return of experience

Devoxx France is a conference for developers which took place in Paris during 3 days in April 2015.

As explained by the Devoxx team, the goal of Devoxx is :

To provide a technological conference of quality,
where the enthusiastics developers can come to learn,
work in network, to hack code, to make monitoring,
and to come to be inspired during 3 days.

Summary quoted from Oracle website:

In this 20th year of Java, the theme of Devoxx France 2015 was about innovations in technology over the next 20 years.
In his keynote, Java architect Brian Goetz described a development approach that keeps up with the technical needs of developers.
Java 9 will deliver a modular platform tuned to hardware requirements.
CEO Quentin Adam of Clever Cloud considers that engineering roles are entering an age of specialization.
Dan Allen, an open source advocate, author, and world renowned speaker, discussed the responsibility of developers to preserve digital information for future generations.
CCO Stephan Tual discussed Ehereum, an open source and decentralized platform allowing the creation of P2P businesses with new infrastructure, communication and privacy.

Inside Devoxx France 2015

What is Devoxx ?

Devoxx is one of the most important conference in IT development.
The Devoxx France is:

  • Created by members of Paris JUG
  • Comes from Belgium (Stephan Janssen)
  • has more than 2500 visitors
  • speaks about Java, Agility, Web, Cloud Computing, Mobile…

What for ?

Alt text

IT front line conference:

  • See avant-garde conference (Web components…)
  • To know Java roadmaps (Java EE 8, Java 9…)
  • See Development accelerator tools in action (Java Hipster, JBossForge…)
  • Get industrialisation return of experience (Groovy release…)
  • Lot of information : help vision on IT plan
  • Opportunity to share point of views with IT actors in a simple way
  • To be part of IT community

Devoxx « Word Of Mouth »

Here are 8 words most used in Devoxx conferences (based on track titles):
Alt text

As we can see, « Java » is obviously in good position.
But Web and Mobile represent an important part of the conference.

Devoxx tracks

Devoxx is composed of 8 differents tracks of topics :
Alt text

Tracks summaries

Java, infinite possibilities

  • 42 conferences
  • Java still very active despite the explosion of Web Front technologies

Topics of the conferences:

  • Java today and the next 20 years
  • Java Stream (data management)
  • JBossForge (Java EE dev accelerator)
  • RxJava (asynchronous and event-based programs)
  • CDI (Context & Dependency Injection)
  • Hystrix (Netflix – Latency and Fault Tolerance)
  • Micro Services (API and architecture)
  • Spring and Spring Boot
  • Hibernate

Architecture, Performance and Security

  • 28 conferences
  • API in the middle of questions
  • Oriented to Microservices and Cloud

Topics of the conferences:

  • API
  • RxJava (asynchronous Java)
  • Akka persistence (toolkit for concurrent, distributed)
  • Circuit Breaker Pattern
  • AsciiDoc
  • Performance, Benchmarks and Optimisation
  • Lock free applications
  • WebCrypto API

Cloud & DevOps

  • 30 conferences
  • Cloud and Docker in the middle

Topics of the conferences:

  • Big Data and Data Science
  • Release process (Groovy experience)
  • Cloud deployment tooling: Docker, Mesos, Marathon
  • Cloud application monitoring and development
  • Linux packaging for Docker/LXC orientation
  • Scaling with Kubernetes
  • Lot of new Cloud Solutions: Google Cloud, Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry (OSS), RedHat OpenShift, Heroku, Clever Cloud…

Alternate Languages

  • 16 conferences
  • Javascript full stack

Topics of the conferences:

  • JavaScript
    • Spread more and more
    • Full stack capacity
  • TypeScript : JavaScript of AngularJS v2
  • Ceylon : runs Java and JavaScript virtual machine
  • Scala : functional programming
  • Scripting combination : JavaScript, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, GopherJs
  • Go : Google system language

Agility, Methodology & Tests

  • 33 conferences
  • New management
  • Build automation level up

Topics of the conferences:

  • BDD worst practices
  • Code review strategy
  • Geek management
  • Technical debt
  • Testing:
    • Unit testing concurrent code
    • WireMock
    • Build automation : Gradle
  • Ultimate Bug Fighting
  • Software craftsmanship

Big Data & Analytics

  • 27 conferences
  • Data Science is one the big IT subject

Topics of the conferences:

  • Spark is replacing Hadoop/MapReduce
    • Machine Learning
    • SparkSQL
  • Streaming : Kafka
  • New databases: Cassandra, Datomic, InfluxDB
  • Data mapping : Elastic search
  • Log management : LogStash

Web, Mobile & UX

  • 33 conferences
  • Lot of development tools
  • AngularJS in the middle of JS

Topics of the conferences:

  • JavaScript :
    • AngularJS: debugging, performance
    • Browserify: modularity
  • Vert.x : polyglot event-driven application framework
  • Jhipster : Spring Boot + AngularJS generator
  • Ionic Framework : powerful hybrid mobile
  • Web components : the future of Web
    • Polymer
    • Material Design


  • 17 conferences
  • Connected objects : new fields of development

Topics of the conferences:

  • Cognitive application (IBM Watson)
  • Paris JUG and Duchess talks
  • The future of reading and writing
    • Robotics
    • Connected objects
    • Home automation
    • Aldebaran robots
    • Autonomous Drones
    • Robots could learn
  • IOT : Internet of things

What is coming next ?

DevOps in every conferences

  • DevOps very discussed in every conferences
  • Use case : Groovy release mechanism (use Bintray to deliver)
  • DevOps oriented to Continuous Delivery (Jenkins Delivery Pipeline, Tests Arquillian, Logstash)
  • Ops behaviour metrics : Logstash, Statsd and Graphite
  • Distributed systems tooling:
    • Docker
    • Apache Mesos
    • Marathon
  • Even for development environment : Docker Compose
  • Use native package to be ready to containers

Drove by the Cloud

  • In most of the presentations, Application Servers were replaced by Cloud solutions and deployment managed by Docker

  • Lot of new Cloud Solutions: Google Cloud, Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry (OSS), RedHat OpenShift, Heroku, Clever Cloud…

  • Major Cloud companies push their tools to Open Source (NetFlix, Google)

  • IT architecture orientation : end of monolithic architecture, Microservices, asynchrone

  • Technologies: Docker, Mesos, RxJava, Spring Boot/Cloud, WildFly Swarm…

  • Manage cluster of Linux containers : Kubernetes

  • Adapted to multi technologies fronts : Mobile, Web…

  • Even Cloud IDE: Codenvy Eclipse Che

Development accelerators

  • Powerful stacks with simpler developments: Spring Boot, Fluent HTTP, Java EE CDI

  • Generator tools to shape and accelerate development: Jhipster, JBossForge

  • Spring Boot shape your developments

    • Simplification of Spring configuration
    • Possibility to create your own starters
  • Documentation industrialisation: AsciiDoctor

  • Environment setup : Docker (and Docker Compose), Mesos, Marathon

Web technologies spreading

  • Javascript and Web technologies spreading more and more
  • Google Stack prominent
    • Angular JS (framework)
    • Material Design (visual rules)
    • Polymer (web components)
    • Cloud endpoints (backend)
  • Ionic Framework for Mobile Hybrid development
  • Web components define future of web developments
  • Node.js : base platform for a lot of tools (Ionic, Jhipster…)
  • JS is still very dynamic new ecosystem : React.js (Facebook UI)
  • New norms : HTTP2 (performance enhancement)

Train of thoughts

  • Agility but with taking a step back
    • BDD difficulties due to lack of impact mapping
    • Cross design workshop (share the design of the application)
  • Responsibility and free-will of the developer
    • Private life
    • Security, back-door, technical fail
  • New way to IT management
    • Quash received wisdom (step back on general ideas)
    • Manage geeks by continuous improvement sharing
  • Internet of things
    • Connected objects are projects of today
    • More and more IT projects on Robotic

Sum up and conclusion

And Continuous Integration in all this ?

Alt text

  • Inspiration to define better development use cases
  • Get fresh on best practices on tests, build, code analysis
  • Confirm current choices according to the development community
  • Understand the trends which lead to technology shifting
  • See other release management use case :
  • Groovy Release management
  • Tools examples:
    • Jenkins : Mesos plugin, Docker plugin

    • Environment setup: Docker Compose

    • Continuous Delivery : Jenkins delivery pipeline


Alt text

Devoxx is a motivating experience, specially when you are asking yourself question on the IT vision to adopt.

  • New orientations are spreading:
    • Cloud oriented development is clearly a global shared vision
    • Microservices architecture will be associated to Cloud orientation
    • Fast development (Spring Boot, Jhipster, Javascript full stack) is mandatory to time to market innovations
  • New IT point of view
    • DevOps idea is spread on all IT subjects
  • New inspiration
    • Philosophy : as the quote said « with great power comes great responsabilities »
    • Robotic : is becoming a real field for IT projects
    • Learning : how to learn and how « to learn to learn » is becoming a big topic
    • Responsibility and security :
    • New way to manage projects : adopt management transparency, step back on received wisdom, agility and impact mapping is not a good choice = it is becoming mandatory

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